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mariabarbosaphoto1“Leaders become Great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. “John Maxwell

Recently published, Small Voices Heard- The Parental Guide, this book that provides hope for future voices. Reviewing statistical data from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children, Youth, and Family- dated back 2005, it reveals that 62.8 % of abused children suffer from neglect.  Neglect remains the highest concern of all abuse!  The 2013 Census showed 679,000 children are victims of abuse and neglect.  Abuse remains an ongoing concern, and everyone can make a difference in changing the path for our children. Overworked parents remain a significant influence in the increased statistical data of abuse.  But we need to consider the concerns directly from the mouth of our children.

Author, Orjanette Bryan, of Small Voices Heard-The Parental Guide publication has said the Millennials population grew beyond expectations, and now the Generation Z population has many greater challenges facing them today. Children born after 2000 are fending for themselves in this technological society.  Our youth has replaced their parents with computer technology.  Learning everything from the world wide web, our children have the ability to transmit any situation and create awareness with a click of a button. Empowering them, teaching them, and adding a  subsidiary guide was added to help improve parent communication in the Small Voices Heard- The Parental Guide publication. Allowing children to articulate is a movement for this century.  The schools are giving the youth the opportunity to begin focusing on their career path much earlier. Through job internships and in school training, Flagler County’s Flagship program is innovative.  Other communities are adopting the same philosophy and concepts of early vocational training.

mariabarbosaphoto800Bullying, attention deficits, loneliness, abuse, neglect, and physical limitations caused by obesity remains major obstacles for the growing challenges of our children, though there is a much bigger problem. A risk of parentless children. Pairing children with mentors from organizations outside of the school system seems to be the best approach. However, time limitations, two-way communications obstacles due to lack of trust from judgments, and ridicule may be huge barriers between the youth and their paired mentor.  Our children are holding onto more inner personal pain and not sharing their internal concerns because of fears of exposure and further neglect.

When a preschool child asks their elderly grandparents, “where will I live if something should happen to you”? We must be concerned! Children are supposed to be outside playing with their friends, but instead, they are sitting at a computer seeking solutions to their daily struggles. Children are suffering from a condition known as social isolation. Playing video games on their handheld devices while sitting across the table from their peers and communicating with no words, brings up the question, “Where are our children’s voices?

maria-p-barbosa-no-bullyinSmall Voice Heard- The Parental guide author has partnered with Accel leadership under the umbrella of DIVAS International to enhance stronger alliances to help support the voices of tomorrow.  Licensed Christian counselor, Dr. Maria Barbosa, is the visionary of the Accel Leadership Institute and she wants to make a difference and has designed the life coaching training.

Through empowering our children, we can connect to their creative abilities and they can make a difference by helping them understand they can become authors, painters, and entrepreneurs at any age.  ACCEL leadership has a series of three workshops that teaches the youth how to build good moral character, peer to peer mentoring, and become successful leaders in their community. The coaching training track is being implemented in several youth programs and has shown favorable impacts in school-aged children’s development.

During the summer, Small Voices campaign will continue by expanding it’s outreach by introducing publishing to the youth.  Accel leadership is partnering with other organizations to promote a youth literacy workshop and mentoring program.  Author, Orjanette Bryant, the director of Accel Leadership Institute believes in our young people and hopes to encourage and empower them. Dreams become reality as we inspire our young writers, poets, photographers, and artists.

By: Maria P Barbosa Ph.D.

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