Confluence at Ocean Art Gallery: Ripple Effects locally and Beyond

mourning-into-dancing-jill-1-editedFlagler Beach resident artisan, Glenda Greenberg, creates jewelry based on healing and positive energy.  Her intention in the creative process is in “making well through the energy of positive thought and positive direction.”  Using the teachings of reiki, meridian, and chakra systems through the colors of the stones, Glenda makes her jewelry to be in tuned with the energy of that stone’s healing properties. “With each piece of work I send out healing one by one.”  The concept in Judaism of Tikkun Olam came to mind as Glenda discussed her thoughtful and creative process.  It literally means “repair of the world” or alternatively, “construction for eternity.” Glenda reinforced this concept by mentioning that there are “seven ribbons of similarity in each religion that brings the intention of healing and happiness to the world through belief systems.”

Glenda’s collaboration among artists began at Boca Raton Museum of Art School where she trained with fellow jewelers. Her circle of influence has since expanded to include various types of artists. Glenda worked with Rachel Thompson who formerly owned I AM ART/Rachel and Friends and that’s when the concept of confluence began to emerge.  Glenda’s pieces were often displayed as sculptural art in their own right. Her jewelry reiterated concepts, colors, fluidity, and direction found amid paintings exhibited at the gallery. Since Glenda’s transition to Ocean Art Gallery, she has furthered her connection with the ocean and confluence.  Glenda’s new collection for Ocean Art Gallery is sea creatures.

Another example of confluence: Glenda was commissioned to make a set of jewelry auctioned off to benefit the South Florida Wildlife Care Center in Palm Beach. While at the gala there Glenda crossed paths with Creative Artist, Aaron Ansarov.  In addition to being impressed by Aaron’s photography at the Wildlife Care Center Glenda, she also became privy to Aaron’s Project on Portugese Man O’ War entitled, Zooids. Glenda asked Aaron if he was interested in representation in North Florida and he relayed his contact information to Rachel Thompson where she was affiliated at the time. Although both were extremely excited about Aaron’s work and the prospects of working with Aaron, Rachel knew in the back of her mind that Frank Gromling and Ocean Art Gallery was a better fit. Frank’s involvement and knowledge of Marine Life and Coastal conservation coupled with being a local gallery owner made him the undeniable fit for Ansarov’s projects.

Enter Aaron Ansarov:  In keeping with the quote attributed to the Dalai Lama of being the change one wants to see in the world, South Florida Artist Aaron Ansarov operates from a simple nucleus of:

1 -Seeing nature through childlike eyes and with childlike wonder; ZOOID Project:  Aaron is a former military combat photographer and respected professional in the photography field. His personal quest is to exude creative and interactive interpretations of nature and the human form which in itself is a lofty goal. Yet, there is another dimension to Aaron’s character and being.  Through his children, Aaron returned to seeing the wonder of the world through the eyes of a child. A simple father and son adventure to the beach, coupled with talent and resourcefulness results in his spectacular “Man O’ War” portraits. They have been described as:

Psychedelic, biomorphic and on the cutting edge of design trends. Aaron’s Man O’ War photographs are featured as his ZOOID collection.

2-Redefining the concept of Perfection by translating what society perceives as imperfection into perfection, The HUMAN SPECTRUM Project. Again, Aaron is doing his own part in bringing healing to the world through showing us nature and people through childlike eyes. His Human Spectrum project requalifies the fractured self-concepts of humanity through the lens of a heart that inherently sees perfection. Human beings are showing up in all shapes (and ‘mis-shapes, sizes, economic strata, gender, races, and sexual preferences to come into the safe zone that Aaron and his wife, Anna, have created. The only prerequisite is “come as you are” and that means NAKED! Through this transformational process, even breast cancer survivors who wear their battle scars can once again see themselves as complete and perfect. What a healing process.  Let’s Go! The project has gone national and is currently traveling to 20 cities.

3-Maintaining his wife and children as first priority, Aaron has been able to strike that envious balance of being true to himself and available for his family while drawing on local resources.  Every life decision made in the light of unwavering core commitments is spelling out SUCCESS for the Ansarov family and healing to those they come in contact with, a noteworthy feat in today’s world that warrants our self-reflection.

Aaron has been featured in National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine.  Ocean Art Gallery represents his work in 17 counties throughout Florida.

The confluence continues… Gargiulo Art Foundation’s Flagler County Artist of the Year, Rachel Thompson, goes with the flow and FLOWS with the GO!  Although Rachel still identifies as I AM ART/Rachel & Friends, she no longer owns her gallery and has joined the teaming fish in the waters at Ocean Art Gallery. Rachel and Frank came to know each other while working together for the Art and Wine Shuttle events. She reached a crossroads at her gallery where she could put her energies into excelling as an artist or in giving opportunities for other artists. At her core, she knew that she was an artist first and that the gallery had to go.  Rachel knew of Frank Gromling’s strong business background and sensed that they would be able to capitalize on each other’s strengths. Her liberation from the gallery affords her time to concentrate on her work again.  Currently, Rachel is participating in a Psalm study and partnership program with Israeli artists through the Jewish Federation in Jacksonville. She will travel to Israel in early April to research and participate in the artist’s reception and community.  The exhibit will show in Israel this spring and then return to travel in the southeastern United States. Upon Rachel’s return, she will exhibit as featured artist at Ocean Art Gallery with a reception on May 7th. She will also be curating at the gallery.

The art of Glenda, Aaron, and Rachel can be seen now at Ocean Art Gallery along with works from many other talented artists located at 206 Moody Blvd., Flagler Beach.

Article by Rachel Thompson

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